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Behere is a family owned business, rethinking everything with families everywhere.
We began serving families in Ventura County California in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark.


Our children are the future. We're investing heavily.

In a world revolving seemingly faster and faster— often in the wrong direction, we've found a need to detach and let go of a lot of old ideas while holding onto the best — and doubling down on values that felt closest to our hearts. We sold our home to go live 'tiny' with big nature and more fireside chats. We chose to homeschool and build the business we were born for at the same time. It's been insane. But without the Covid Tyranny, our backs wouldn't be against the wall, forcing us into creating new solutions. It's been far more challenging than we thought — but thanks to the power of local community coming together to rethink our children's enrichment for a future we can be excited and passionate about — we're seeing the light.

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The future of education is here

Incredible nature-based enrichment for children.

Get the alternative education you want for you child, and give yourself the break you need. Enrichment sessions available now in Ventura County, California.

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Behere Tuesdays

for Wild Reading and Emotional Intelligence enrichment

9:30 — 1:00pm

There's nothing quite like Behere Tuesdays. We use outdoor adventure, stories, and project-based learning to embrace the wild in us all and capture the spirit of nature and our own relationships with it. We fuse forest school inspired experiences and emotional wellness coaching through nature-based crafts and group projects. We do our best to infuse early reading concepts through letter hunts, storytelling, and phonemic awareness exercises on the go, but the biggest thing we teach children through this workshop is how to become more self aware of their emotions, and regulate them in a healthy way. We introduce emotional regulation, mindfulness and growth mindset techniques to give children the soft skills they need to become healthy humans and strong leaders. This is a highly sensory experience where children are encouraged to play with mud, paint and feel big feelings. All of this takes place in a safe and nurturing environment, led by our talented and loving Guides. Come join us for a Behere Tuesday today!

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Behere Wednesdays

Nature + Creative exploration!

9:30am — 1:00pm

Behere Wednesday offers a unique and exciting opportunity for kids ages 5-9 to explore nature through art and hiking. Led by experienced instructors Matthew, Brooke, and Corrine, the classes are designed to be fun and educational. Through outdoor activities such as painting, photography, sketching, and more, children will get to discover the beauty of their local environment while developing their creativity. They'll also take part in guided hikes that help them appreciate the natural world around them. Behere Wednesday provides kids with a great way to enjoy nature while learning valuable skills like problem solving and self-expression. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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Behere Thursdays

for Wild Math® and Emotional Intelligence Enrichment

9:30 — 1:00pm

Behere Thursdays is our Waldorf-inspired workshop guided by Mrs. Rinks, who brings a holistic math experience to the children. Math is woven into all aspects of life and Mrs. Rinks makes math come alive through whole body experiences with historical information, scientific elements, and an understanding of the natural world, using art, handwork, language, music and even physical education. If you're expecting worksheets and memorization to get your kid adding double digits asap, this isn't the workshop for you. But over time, your child can learn all the math they need to know through this beautiful method of teaching. Math is everywhere, and in this worksop we take children on a global journey into math that immerses them into the subject without them realizing it. This is a workshops that will help your children become enamored with numbers and natural math all around them with concepts that "go to sleep" and awaken years later compounding their learning well into their teens.

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Garden Club

Learn the foundations of gardening and permaculture!

Wed 2pm — 3:30

The gardening program will include hands-on activities, where the children will get their hands dirty, while gaining an appreciation for growing their own food. We will explore various techniques for planting vegetables, herbs and flowers, and also have fun with gardening related arts and crafts. The gardening program will include planting, cultivating, harvesting and eating while focusing on environmental sustainability and stewardship,. The goal of the gardening program is to teach the children the importance of growing their own food but also to have an appreciation of our natural world. There will be opportunities for field trips (TBD). At the start of each class, I would like to begin with a circle where we will discuss gardening related topics, say a verse, storytelling (either read a garden storybook or have the students tell a story). At the end of each class we will have a closing circle.

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Pre School in the Park

Behere Pre-School in the Park is an innovative and exciting learning experience for young children! Our program was designed by former traditional educator Kelsey Lofton and provides a unique opportunity for children to explore their creativity and build essential skills. In our 6 week spring session, each week will be themed around a different animal. During this time, we will have 60 minute classes that follow the same structure: circle time, story, movement, art, and sensory engagement. The circle time will introduce the animal of the week through storytelling and discussion while simultaneously introducing the concept which will then be explored further in upcoming activities.

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The people making things happen here

Behere team + advisors

We're rethinking everything together.

Brooke Lawler

Before joining the independent working world 3 years ago, Brooke led a successful career in advertising for 13 years helping dozens of brands find their unique voice and positioning by leading diverse teams to execute strategy, branding and multi layered marketing campaigns. She worked with titans like Disney, Softbank Robotics, Sony Pictures, Apple and many telecom/ tech brands, but her absolute favorite work was and is helping small businesses and startups get going because they’re the most passionate and soulfully connected to the work. As owner and cofounder of Behere, Brooke understands this soulful connection even more and brings this passion for entrepreneurship to the program infusing elements of independent thinking, leadership and soft skills of entrepreneurship into the workshops provided.

Matthew Lawler

Matthew is a visionary artist and design systems thinker who has been rethinking everything since 2001. He is now bringing his multi-disciplinary design and communications talents here, to build a local and global community around rethinking everything. He has worked with leading brands — from imagining 'the future of driving' with Volvo, to establishing himself as a 'Non Fungible Artist' in the Web 3 + blockchain revolution with his Animal Style and 11:11 for Change NFT collections on Algorand.

Tiffanie Rinks
Head of Waldorf-inspired Education

Tiffanie Rinks is a seasoned and credentialed math and science k-12 educator with a Waldorf approach to education. She specializes in all levels of mathematics and science, focused on bringing innovative and fun multi-sensory approaches to learning that foster creativity, curiosity and wonder while building a positive classroom through respectful modeling and active listening. Tiffanie uses the art of observation, experience and inquiry to help students deeply understand the relationships of the concepts and relate them to the natural world.

Monica Leslie
Wellness Advisor

Monica is a Doctor of Physical Therapy; Movement Expert; Advanced Yoga Teacher; Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor; Bodywork practitioner; Mentor. Monica is a a journey 💫 Discovering beauty💫, and we're thrilled to be working with her on a wellness vision for Behere members.

Tanya Harrison
Emotional Wellness Coach

Tanya Harrison is the mom of two children, and has been a home educator since 2017. Her strategy within her homeschooling is to incorporate the things that public schools don't; the most important one being emotional intelligence. Tanya has a Bachelors degree in Recreation & Tourism Management from California State University, Northridge, where her studies included an emphasis on early childhood play & development. She received her Meditation Teacher Diploma in 2021 from the Centre of Excellence. Tanya is a certified Calm & Colorful Coach, and in 2022, she started her private coaching business, MindMentor, to focus on teaching emotional wellness to kids & teens. In her spare time, Tanya enjoys reading, many styles of dance, yoga, and traveling.

Kelsey Lofton
Early Childhood Guide

Kelsey Lofton is an experienced Early Childhood Educator with an emphasis on nature and play-based learning. She combines her expertise of teaching in the traditional classroom with her know-how of leading outdoor Tinkergarten classes. She comes to us with a passion for slowing down, meeting the needs of the whole child, and guiding caregivers in becoming more intentional with their young ones. Kelsey offers an adult-child workshop that features story-telling, social skills, movement, sensory play and art experiences specifically designed for the youngest learners. She invites the caregiver to learn and play alongside their little ones and to experience the joy and wonder of childhood! In her personal time, Kelsey enjoys hiking in the beautiful Conejo Valley with her husband, Zumba, and being mom to her 13 and 10-year-old boys.

Michelle Smith
Lead Enrichment Guide

Michelle Smith has always had a passion for helping children thrive. In addition to being a professional nanny for over 20 years, Michelle has also worked as a certified postpartum doula, an instructor for the International Childbirth Education Association and has been a part of multiple “parent led" homeschool programs. She loves working with children using both mindful and engaging activities that invites them to be challenged physically and mentally. Building their self confidence while encouraging their curiosity about the world around them motivates her as an educator, as well as a homeschooling mother too!

Laura Belevica
Creative Arts Guide from ConnectedKind

Laura Belevica is a Latvian multimedia artist, illustrator, designer and architect based in Los Angeles, California.  

She studied economics and business administration in Riga, Latvia and has earned a Masters of Architecture in the United States. She also studied in Finland and Japan, and spent most of the past decade living and working as an architect in Shenzhen, China.

She can juggle a wide range of concepts and mediums to communicate a narrative. Nature is the primary source of inspiration in all of her work. We're thrilled to be rethinking childrens enrichment with Laura at Behere!

Hilary Boynton
School of Lunch founder + Behere Advisor

founder of School of Lunch (SOL), is a mother of five who refused to accept the quality of food her children were being served during school lunch. She began a relentless mission to change the status quo, and eventually took over the lunch program at her local school in Topanga CA. She worked with local farmers and food producers to create an affordable nutrient dense meal program that was based on the foundation of ancestral ways of eating. The results were astounding. It all stemmed from what she calls a Regen-Living lifestyle, where we strive for a symbiotic relationship between our bodies and our external environment.

Jen Breedlove
Homeschool Coach

Jen is our homeschool family partner and coach. She has been homeschooling and alt-schooling her 6 kids for over 13 years, with her oldest graduating this past year. Therefore, she’s truly equipped to handle any homeschooling challenge from K-12. During her tenure as a home educator Jen has gained vast experience with different curriculums, charter programs, extracurricular activities, community college dual enrollment, and navigating learning differences (dyslexia, ADHD, processing disorder). All of this experience has greatly equipped her to consult a diverse set of families and their needs. Homeschooling has been a blessing to Jen and has allowed her to understand her children better, their needs, and tailor a custom learning plan for each child, and she can do the same for you. She has been an active leader over the years organizing field trips and mentoring many families on this journey and ready to help more families thrive in this new alternative education model.

Corinne Berkeley
Community + Wellness Director

Corinne is an amazonian super woman who got her undergraduate degree in Wellness and Fitness and a Masters in Performance Enhancement Injury Prevention. Through the progression of her career she broke away from the 9-5 job and ventured into independent coaching and training for the past 12 years. Through her evolution in the health and fitness industry Corinne has refined her approach to how she helps her clients through mind, body and spirit.

Charles Barth
School of Lunch cofounder + Behere Advisor

Charles (or Chuck as many of you know him), has deep roots in the local food systems. He has served on the CDFA/Farmers Market Advisory Committee and is the current head of the Slow Food Ventura County. Chuck brings a ton of energy to everything he does, and we're thrilled to have him advising with Behere.

Taylor Hill
Web 3 Consultant

Taylor Hill is a former aircraft electronics technician, network andministrator, Ethereum miner, and Web3 Technologist & Consultant. First developing an awareness to Bitcoin in 2011, Taylor is a long term visionary & advocate for the organizational and transformational capabilities of blockchain, decentralized applications and digital identity.

Permaculture Specialist

One of Ziva’s fondest memories of her childhood, (while growing up in South Africa), was creating a vegetable garden in her backyard.  She has carried this practice throughout her life, and now loves sharing her wonder for nature, and her knowledge of gardening to both young and old.  Ziva studied permaculture and utilizes this philosophy in her gardening techniques.  She currently teaches gardening at two schools in Agoura Hills, where she not only instills a love for gardening but also teaches her students to be guardians of our beloved mother earth by caring for our soil, the plants, the animals and all living beings.  

Kelly Nicassio
Marriage and Family Therapist

Kelly Nicassio is a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than 10 years’ experience and a passion for working with children, adolescents and families. She has experience treating children and adolescents with a variety of concerns, including behavioral issues, trauma, attention disorders (ADHD), adjustment disorder, issues related to adoption, obsessive-compulsive disorder, grief, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety and depression. She believes in strengthening the relationship between parents and children in addition to helping parents manage and change undesirable behaviors. She was born and raised in Ventura County and loves supporting families in the community.