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Behere is a family owned business, rethinking everything with families everywhere.
We began serving families in Ventura County California in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark.


Bēhere Moves Summer Camp!

Welcome to Bēhere Moves Summer Camp: Where Play Comes First! Rediscover the magic of classic 90s-style summer camp where fun, teamwork, arts, and movement reign supreme. Designed for kids ages 5-11, with special "Toddler Tuesday" accommodations for younger siblings, our camp offers thrilling field games, martial arts, and creative crafts. Led by passionate guides and visiting naturalists, every camper will feel supported and inspired. From capture the flag to friendship bracelets, each day is packed with excitement. Join us in Thousand Oaks for an unforgettable summer experience. Sign up now!
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Our children are the future. We're investing everything we have.

In a world revolving seemingly faster and faster— often in the wrong direction, we've found a need to detach and let go of a lot of old ideas while holding onto the best — and doubling down on values that felt closest to our hearts. We sold our home to go live 'tiny' with big nature and more fireside chats. We chose to homeschool and build the business we were born for at the same time. It's been far more challenging than we imagined — but thanks to the power of local community coming together to rethink our children's enrichment for a future we can be excited and passionate about — we're seeing the light.

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Incredible nature-based enrichment for homeschool families.

Behere is a nature-based enrichment education program for homeschool families. We are a little bit waldorf/forest school inspired fusion with our own custom approach that honors the whole child and their emotional well-being above all else. We are not an academic pod or co-op or microshool; academics are not the priority but rather a byproduct of a living educational experience where language arts, science and math get woven into real hands-on activities. If you want your child pumped with facts and producing work, this is not for you. If you’re looking for drop-off daycare, this is not for you. If you want your child just to play in nature and do what they want all day, this is also not for you. If you share our values of freedom, nature, sustainability, creativity and emotional wellness, then this is for you!

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Ventura County

Thousand Oaks

Bēhere Tuesdays & Thursdays

10am — 1pm

Outdoor-nature exploration classes engage children and help them build emotional-regulation techniques, teamwork and problem solving skills; and a growth mindset so they are better prepared to handle conflict and internal and external stressors in life.

Best designed for children ages 6-9.

We embrace the thinking, feeling and willing aspects of Steiner/ Waldorf inspired education with our own nature-based and emotional wellness emphasis.  

What to expect at a Behere Tu/Th classes:

Every week we focus on a key affirmation (ex: I am Kind / I am Adventurous etc) to instill confidence in the children. We curate oral stories & fables, journaling, games, and the activities in the arts to support the daily or weekly affirmation. This is where we differ from most programs out there. While yes, we're outdoors, studying nature isn't our main focus, and while we weave in language arts & math, academics aren't the focus, your child is the inspiration for our lesson plans and we work hard to affirm them every class and help them see the amazing, creative, adventurous and kind human beings they are now and are becoming! Affirmations are powerful, and we're doubling down on them.

The Daily Rhythm:

10am - Drop offs: free & guided play
10:20  - Session 1: Circle Time, Daily Affirmation, Oral Stories & Journaling
11:30 - Lunch Time & Guided Nature Play Break
12:00 - Session 2: Guided Field Games + Guided Arts & Hands On Projects*
1:00 - Pick Up

It's an action packed 3 hours with a lot of guided activity but just enough free choice moments that the children feel regulated with gentle transitions between each activity.

To get a better feel for how this rhythm plays out tangibly and what kinds of activities we do, email me for access to past newsletters.

*additional information can go here
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Ventura County

Thousand Oaks

Class Pass

Hey there, homeschooling families and young adventurers! Are you ready to embark on an educational journey filled with wonder and discovery? Step into our world of enrichment and let the magic unfold as we explore nature, foster creativity, and cultivate connections in a supportive community setting.

Introducing our 4-Class and 8-Class Passes, your ticket to a world of learning and fun! With these passes, you'll have the flexibility to drop in on four of our engaging Tuesday and/or Thursday classes, where children will immerse themselves in social-emotional and nature-based group education experiences.

🌳 Nature-Based Adventures: Venture into the great outdoors and discover the beauty and wonders of nature! From nature walks to hands-on exploration, our nature-based activities will ignite curiosity and foster a deeper connection with the natural world.

🎨 Creative Exploration: Unleash your child's imagination and creativity through art, storytelling, and hands-on projects. Our classes provide a nurturing space for children to express themselves freely and develop their unique talents and interests.

🤝 Community Connection: Building meaningful connections and fostering social-emotional growth are at the heart of our enrichment sessions. Through collaborative activities, team-building exercises, and games that promote empathy and communication, children will develop essential life skills in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and joy! Whether you're seeking a break from traditional schooling or looking to supplement your homeschooling curriculum, our enrichment passes offer a world of possibilities for your child to thrive and flourish.

Secure your spot today and let the adventure begin!

Drop in as you can to 4 or 8 of our Tuesday and or Thursday classes rom now through the end of the spring sessions where children will engage in social-emotional and nature based group education experiences.

*additional information can go here
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Build the #1 Alternative education option with us

New Locations Coming soon!

Bēhere is pioneering a homeschool revolution, one where parents can still outsource for some group-based learning to a caring team that prioritizes the emotional wellness of the child above all else.

At Bēhere, we honor the whole child; our outdoor program is a wonderful way for children to learn and forge friendships as part of their home school study. We focus on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills and weave in some language arts, math, and engineering through group journaling, exploration, loose parts projects, arts/crafts and handwork. We cultivate emotional intelligence, confidence, gratitude, empathy, and consideration woven into nature-based stories (oral and written) and learning games and activities. 

The future of education is ready to scale.
Are you interested in working with us? 

Open roles:

We are currently looking to expand throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. We are eager to meet the new guides that will accellerate the homeschool Bēhere revolution!

Behere Lead Guides
Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Valley, Goleta, Camarillo, Ventura
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The people making things happen here

Behere team + advisors

We're rethinking everything together.

Brooke Lawler
CEO + Cofounder + Assistant Guide

Before joining the independent working world 3 years ago, Brooke led a successful career in advertising for 13 years helping dozens of brands find their unique voice and positioning by leading diverse teams to execute strategy, branding and multi layered marketing campaigns. She worked with titans like Disney, Softbank Robotics, Sony Pictures, Apple and many telecom/ tech brands, but her absolute favorite work was and is helping small businesses and startups get going because they’re the most passionate and soulfully connected to the work. As owner and cofounder of Behere, Brooke understands this soulful connection even more and brings this passion for entrepreneurship to the program infusing elements of independent thinking, leadership and soft skills of entrepreneurship into the workshops provided.

Matthew Lawler

Matthew is a visionary artist and design systems thinker who has been rethinking everything since 2001. He is now bringing his multi-disciplinary design and communications talents here, to build a local and global community around rethinking everything. He has worked with leading brands — from imagining 'the future of driving' with Volvo, to establishing himself as a 'Non Fungible Artist' in the Web 3 + blockchain revolution with his Animal Style and 11:11 for Change NFT collections on Algorand.

Tanya Harrison
Guest Guide

Tanya Harrison is the mom of two children, and has been a home educator since 2017. Her strategy within her homeschooling is to incorporate the things that public schools don't; the most important one being emotional intelligence. Tanya has a Bachelors degree in Recreation & Tourism Management from California State University, Northridge, where her studies included an emphasis on early childhood play & development. She received her Meditation Teacher Diploma in 2021 from the Centre of Excellence. Tanya is a certified Calm & Colorful Coach, and in 2022, she started her private coaching business, MindMentor, to focus on teaching emotional wellness to kids & teens. In her spare time, Tanya enjoys reading, many styles of dance, yoga, and traveling.

Jen Breedlove
Homeschool Coach

Jen is our homeschool family partner and coach. She has been homeschooling and alt-schooling her 6 kids for over 13 years, with her oldest graduating this past year. Therefore, she’s truly equipped to handle any homeschooling challenge from K-12. During her tenure as a home educator Jen has gained vast experience with different curriculums, charter programs, extracurricular activities, community college dual enrollment, and navigating learning differences (dyslexia, ADHD, processing disorder). All of this experience has greatly equipped her to consult a diverse set of families and their needs. Homeschooling has been a blessing to Jen and has allowed her to understand her children better, their needs, and tailor a custom learning plan for each child, and she can do the same for you. She has been an active leader over the years organizing field trips and mentoring many families on this journey and ready to help more families thrive in this new alternative education model.

Mara Allen
Lead Guide — Conejo Valley

Mara Allen is an experienced educator with a career spanning over three decades. She has played a pivotal role in establishing bilingual schools in Costa Rica, demonstrating a passion for working with children. Mara's committment to education extends beyond the classroom, evident in her involvement with outdoor schools and emphasis on life skills. Her dedication and wealth of experience contribute significantly to her impactful career in teaching.

Emilyn Allen
Support Guide

Emilyn Allen's passion for children ignited with the arrival of her little sister, sparking an immediate fascination with babies and kids in general. Taking on babysitting responsibilities at the age of 13, Emilyn solidified her interest in nurturing and caring for young ones. Her commitment to assisting special needs children deepened when she participated in a program at her middle school. Alongside other students, Emilyn dedicated lunch hours on Mondays and Wednesdays to engaging with these kids, playing games, sharing meals, and fostering connections. This program transitioned with her to high school, as she took the initiative to introduce it to the new environment. Outside of formal programs, Emilyn continues to babysit and actively engage with children. Looking ahead, her aspiration is to establish her own daycare and pursue a career as a teacher.

Jenna Wylie
Lead Guide for Bēhere Read

Jenna Wylie is a first-year homeschool mom to two vibrant children aged 6 and 9. With a deep-seated passion for nurturing children with connection, integrity, and effectiveness, Jenna embarked on a journey that diverged from her previous career path in Chemical Engineering.

After twelve years in biotechnology, Jenna found herself drawn to homeschooling when her children didn't quite fit into the traditional school mold and struggled with reading. Determined to provide them with the best education possible, Jenna immersed herself in the world of teaching literacy. Over the past three years, she has explored various reading programs, from Orton-Gillingham phonics-based approaches to the more recent linguistics speech-to-print method. Through dedicated experimentation and adaptation, Jenna has witnessed remarkable progress in her children's reading abilities, embracing methods that are not only effective but also enjoyable.

Beyond her commitment to her own family's education, Jenna is passionate about fostering a vibrant homeschooling community. She believes in the power of parents working together to support and uplift their children's educational journeys. With her wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, Jenna is eager to share her insights and expertise with other homeschooling families, creating a supportive network where parents can learn and grow together.