Join the homeschool Bēhere revolution!

Invitation to Co-create Bēhere in Buellton

Bēhere extends a warm invitation to the vibrant community of Buellton, California, to join hands in crafting something truly special—an outdoor-based enrichment program that will be a testament to the heart and soul of this community. Bēhere Buellton is not merely a program; it is an opportunity for us all to come together and create an educational haven that reflects the values, spirit, and uniqueness of the homeschool community in Buellton.

Our Collaborative Vision:

Bēhere is in its second operating year in Ventura county, with plans to expand to Santa Barbara county in 2024, starting with Buellton!

With the help of the local community, this new Bēhere chapter will take the best of what's working in our Ventura County chapter but will be modified to embrace Buellton's landscape, culture and community spirit. Our outdoor-based enrichment program  nurtures the whole child, emphasizing emotional well-being and fostering a love for learning in a group setting. Academics are not the priority but are seamlessly woven into team-based activities that unfold naturally, creating a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

Bēhere is...

Not a Fact Factory:

  • Bēhere  aims to be a garden of knowledge, cultivated collaboratively. This is an opportunity to shape an educational environment where learning happens organically, guided by the collective wisdom of our community.

Not Drop-off Daycare:

  • Bēhere  is more than a program; it's a community initiative. We invite parents, educators, and community members to join us in co-creating a space that goes beyond traditional boundaries, where education becomes a shared journey.

Not Just Play in Nature:

  • Every class integrates purposeful engagement with nature. Let's envision together how we can create a learning environment that encourages discovery, exploration, and meaningful connections with the natural world.

What to Expect in our Tuesday/Thursday Program:

Every week we focus on a key affirmation (ex: I am Kind / I am Adventurous etc) to instill confidence in the children. We curate oral stories & fables, journaling, games, and the activities in the arts to support the daily or weekly affirmation. This is where we differ from most programs out there. While yes, we're outdoors, studying nature isn't our main focus, and while we weave in language arts & math, academics aren't the focus, your child is the inspiration for our lesson plans and we work hard to affirm them every class and help them see the amazing, creative, adventurous and kind human beings they are now and are becoming! Affirmations are powerful, and we're doubling down on them.

Join Us in Building Bēhere in Buellton:

Bēhere is calling on the Buellton and adjacent North SB County community to join us in launching this new Chapter in Buellton.

What we need / How you can help: 

  • Referrals and Applicants for Lead Guides: 
  • Are you an educator, a parent, or a community member with passion and experience guiding children in outdoor-based, group education experiences? Apply as a Lead Guide here.
  • Community Input:
  • Share your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations for Bēhere Buellton. What are your homeschooling needs and goals for your child(ren)? What do you feel the local homeschool community is missing? Submit your input here
  • Location Scouting:
  • Buellton is filled with hidden gems. Help us find the perfect outdoor location (that permits) for Bēhere in Buellton—a place where the spirit of learning can thrive in the outdoors with tables for art and writing, trees to climb, and grass to run!
  • Enrolled Students
  • If you're interested in enrolling your child(ren) in this new chapter once it's launched, let us know here.

Once we have our Lead Guide, Location and a minimum of 6 enrolled students committed to this journey, we will launch! This could happen in the spring & summer with mini sessions and camps to get going or we can start officially in Fall 2024 with our Tuesday & Thursday program that mirrors our Ventura County chapter.

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This is your call to action! Homeschooling mom's and dads, get in touch with us today!