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Welcome to Behere Goleta: Crafting Enriching Journeys in Nature's Classroom

Behere is delighted to extend its roots to Goleta, California, bringing our unique blend of nature-based enrichment education to families seeking a transformative and holistic approach to learning. Behere Goleta is more than a program; it's a community, a shared space for homeschooling families to nurture the whole child and celebrate the wonders of childhood in nature.

Our Approach:

Drawing inspiration from Waldorf education and the immersive experiences of forest schools, Behere Goleta is a fusion of these philosophies, enriched by our distinctive approach that places emotional well-being as the cornerstone of learning. In this coastal haven, academics are not the primary focus but rather a natural outcome of a living educational experience where language arts, science, and math intertwine seamlessly with hands-on, real-world activities.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Not a Fact Factory:
  • Behere Goleta doesn’t believe in turning children into fact factories. Instead, we foster an environment where knowledge sprouts organically, fueled by the innate curiosity of each child.
  • Not Drop-off Daycare:
  • Our program transcends the boundaries of drop-off daycare. Behere Goleta is a partnership between educators and parents, a collaboration that extends beyond the conventional realms of education.
  • Not Just Play in Nature:
  • While we cherish the freedom of play and the beauty of nature, Behere Goleta offers more than unstructured wandering. We provide a purposeful environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and meaningful engagement with the natural world.

Is Behere Goleta Right for You?

  • If You Value Freedom:
  • Behere Goleta is a haven for those who cherish the freedom of thought, expression, and exploration. We empower children to shape their own learning experiences.
  • If Nature Speaks to You:
  • Our classroom is the great outdoors, and sustainability is our guiding principle. If you resonate with the beauty of nature and desire your child to develop a profound connection with the environment, you've found the right place.
  • If Creativity Matters:
  • Behere Goleta is a canvas for creativity to bloom. We nurture the artist, the inventor, and the dreamer in every child, fostering a deep love for creative expression.
  • If Emotional Wellness is a Priority:
  • Above all, Behere Goleta is a sanctuary where emotional wellness takes precedence. We understand that a happy, emotionally secure child is a thriving learner.

Join us at Behere Goleta, where education is not just about academics; it's about cultivating the soul. If our values resonate with yours, and you're seeking an educational journey that celebrates freedom, nature, sustainability, creativity, and emotional wellness, we invite you to be part of our community.

Now Hiring: Lead Guide and Support Guides:

Behere Goleta is in search of passionate individuals to join our team as Lead Guides and Support Guides. If our vision inspires you, and you have a calling to guide children in a nature-based, emotionally nurturing setting, we'd love to hear from you. Let's shape educational destinies together!

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