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It's not every day you get to be a founding member contributing to the future of education and the future of work, wrapped in wellness. Pre-pay in advance of our Summer 2023 launch, and gain access to our early bird SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) offering — likely the best deal we'll ever have.

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A truly Game–Changer in how we think about education and the workplace
Corinne Denson, Community Director at Behere
Picture of a boy painting bird houses during outdoor / forest school at Behere
Children's enrichment™
Manipulate organisms of a biological system for optimum creative entrepreneurial problems solving.
Cocreate the future of work with a wellness focus.
Big value for your buck

What you get at Behere

An inspiring place to work
Get in a new, inspired groove for 2023 and beyond. One stop-shop for nature-inspired working and learning.
Enrichment for all
Whether you're coming in solo, or bringing the fam, we have places for everyone to be. Get things done, learn in a workshop, take a hike, or take a nap. It's your call.
Delicious wellness lunch
Don't worry about packing a lunch before getting out the door, or buying an overpriced meal. Instead, meet up with loved ones at noon daily over professionally-cooked deliciously nutritious lunches.
A private education at a fraction of the cost
You can now make the choice to homeschool without going at it alone. Do it with help, in community. We think it's the best case scenario.
Presence with your kids
Enjoy a healthy ebb and flow of time with and without your kids — but be on the same soil, knowing they are close
Future proof innovation
The world is changing fast. Get ahead in your work, and in your child's education with future forward guides to navigating the dynamic tools, technology, and workflows of the modern workforce.
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$500/ 1st mo
Behere Kid

1 Kid

$1000/ 1st mo
Behere Together

1 adult + 1 Kid

$1400/ 1st mo
Behere Together 2K

1 adult + 2 kids

$2400/ 1st mo
Behere Fam 2x2

2 Adults + 2 Kids

$2800/ 1st mo
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