We're here to accelerate bold leaders rethinking the future of life and work.

to support alternative educators with self-care and outdoor enrichment.

Where the future of work meets the future of education.

Coworking space meets open air education.

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Behere Vision Preview

Imagine a better day

You are more present, less busy, and have all the time you need with and without your kids (if you've got them). Oh, and we make you a really nutritious lunch! Close your eyes and imagine yourself being in the future of Behere.

Behere — Where the future of work meets the future of education

What we do

We gather outdoors in the mountains of Malibu Canyon to offer outdoor enrichment programs for kids, and co-working spaces and workshops to help adults get their “productivity on.” 

KIDS: Forest School, Arts, Academic Tutoring Hours

ADULTS: Co-Working Space & Professional Development Workshops & Resources

COMMUNITY: Teaching Kitchen, Community Garden, Family Hike Days, Open Mic Nights

Picture of a boy painting bird houses during outdoor / forest school at Behere

Who is it for? 

Sol Village is best suited for independent, autonomous workers & learners who control their own schedule and desire purpose-driven, meaningful work.

I.e. Independent Workers, Home-Educators, Remote-Workers, Wild-Schoolers, Hybrid Schoolers, NonSchoolers etc - Even if you’re a bit more of a traditionalist who desires an escape in nature from time to time, sneak away, play hooky and join us when you can! 

Sol Village members are shaping the future of work. They’re shepherding in new world-changing businesses centered on new economies, sustainability, and want the next generation better prepared for this shift.


Commercial real estate & institutional education are on the decline.

More people & families than ever are seeking alternative ways to work and learn. They are either drowning in their homes trying to do it all, or they’re extremely busy driving all over for activities and enrichment programs.

Our solution
Coworking + Cocreating space

Tired of working from home in isolation? So are we. We're opening up spaces in inspiring locations where you — and your family can get away together and spend some time apart.

Open air education for you + your family

We're happier when we spend more time outdoors — it's science! Home educators know the challenge of taking on your children's education on your own — don't do it alone. Invoke the village. Join us in inspiring locations inside and out.

Wellness + Accelleration

Entrepreneurs, independent workers, and home educators don't just need a workspace — they need wellness. We're working to bring real wellness, mentorship, and business consulting accessible in our community spaces.

Outdoor theater concept by Erika Hock. A goal for the Behere coworking location!
Big value for your buck

What you get at Behere

An inspiring place to work
Get in a new, inspired groove for 2023 and beyond. One stop-shop for nature-inspired working and learning.
Enrichment for all
Whether you're coming in solo, or bringing the fam, we have places for everyone to be. Get things done, learn in a workshop, take a hike, or take a nap. It's your call.
Delicious wellness lunch
Don't worry about packing a lunch before getting out the door, or buying an overpriced meal. Instead, meet up with loved ones at noon daily over professionally-cooked deliciously nutritious lunches.
A private education at a fraction of the cost
You can now make the choice to homeschool without going at it alone. Do it with help, in community. We think it's the best case scenario.
Presence with your kids
Enjoy a healthy ebb and flow of time with and without your kids — but be on the same soil, knowing they are close
Future proof innovation
The world is changing fast. Get ahead in your work, and in your child's education with future forward guides to navigating the dynamic tools, technology, and workflows of the modern workforce.
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The future of work + Finance

We're embracing the future of work, sovereign identities, and community ownership on web 3 and beyond.

We believe that people should be paid for generating valuable data. Your data is your property, and its use must be compensated and authorized. We'll be onboarding our members into the future of work, where your data is a source of your revenue and a means of exchange — giving you more time to be with the people and places you love most.

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