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Introducing Behere Tuesdays + Thursdays, a new way to learn to read in the wild and explore math outdoors! Using stories that capture the spirit of nature, Behere exposes children to many valuable life lessons and educational skills along the way. With Wild Math curriculums that cover the typical math skills and standards taught in each grade, Behere provides plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning, engagement of all the senses, and loads of fun movement too! What better way to learn than by exploring the natural world around us? Get outside and join the adventure with Behere Tuesdays + Thursdays!

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Guided by

Emily Groenhuizen

Outdoor and Nature Guide

Emily Groenhuizen is a homeschool mother and has been teaching and caring for infants, toddlers, and children for 14 years.

She began her career as a preschool teacher in Gillette, Wyoming. The daycare in Wyoming had specific rules that a California native like Emily wasn't used too.

There she and the kids would spend the entire day outside as long as the weather was zero degrees or above.

The kids were tough, resilient and had room to be free and so did she.  Then she came back to California and got a degree in Early childhood education and began her family. After her daughter was born she opened an in home daycare.

Today she is still working with kids as a homeschool mother and Founder of Conejo Forest School, where she teaches children the beauty of nature!

Tanya Harrison

Emotional Intelligence Guide

Tanya Harrison is the mom of two young children who she has been homeschooling since 2017. Her strategy with homeschool is to incorporate the things that public schools do not; the most important one being social-emotional skills. She has a Bachelors degree in Recreation & Tourism Management, where her studies included an emphasis on childhood play & development. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, many styles of dance, yoga, and traveling.  

Tiffanie Rinks

Wild Math Guide

Tiffanie Rinks is a seasoned and credentialed math and science k-12 educator with a Waldorf approach to education. She specializes in all levels of mathematics and science, focused on bringing innovative and fun multi-sensory approaches to learning that foster creativity, curiosity and wonder while building a positive classroom through respectful modeling and active listening. Tiffanie uses the art of observation, experience and inquiry to help students deeply understand the relationships of the concepts and relate them to the natural world.