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Laura Belevica is leading a nature-based art workshop, called ConnectedKind, that unlocks the genius in all of us, so that our brains become wired to see many solutions and possibilities. By using the shadows found in everyday natural elements, Laura will Guide your child on how to play with perception and imagination by finding meaning and endless creative potential in shadows - literally as well as metaphorically. Be it a flower, a dry leaf, a branch or a human being - the subjects are carefully photographed to capture their unique shadows that then serve as the starting point for the artwork that offers alternative interpretations of identity.

This is a subscription product. Subscribers will have a period of 28 days following their signup, after which they pay $200 USD a month.

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Meet your
Behere Guides

Laura Belevica

Creative Arts Guide from ConnectedKind

Laura Belevica is a Latvian multimedia artist, illustrator, designer and architect based in Los Angeles, California.  

She studied economics and business administration in Riga, Latvia and has earned a Masters of Architecture in the United States. She also studied in Finland and Japan, and spent most of the past decade living and working as an architect in Shenzhen, China.

She can juggle a wide range of concepts and mediums to communicate a narrative. Nature is the primary source of inspiration in all of her work. We're thrilled to be rethinking childrens enrichment with Laura at Behere!

Sam Evans

CEO & Founder

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