Meet the Sols beind the solutions

Founders here.

Brooke Lawler
co-Founder + COO
Brooke Lawler is a former advertising executive turned home-educator and entrepreneur supporting regenerative farming in her work as a clean-crafted wine consultant. It is her life's purpose to build a sustainable community that helps families thrive.
Matthew Lawler
co-Founder + CEO
Matthew is a visionary artist and design systems thinker who has been rethinking everything since 2001. He is now bringing his multi-disciplinary design and communications talents here, to build a local and global community around rethinking everything. He has worked with leading brands — from imagining 'the future of driving' with Volvo, to establishing himself as a 'Non Fungible Artist' in the Web 3 + blockchain revolution with his Animal Style and 11:11 for Change NFT collections on Algorand.
The brilliant people creating value here

Sol Team & Advisors

Corinne Denson
Community + Wellness Director
Corinne is an amazonian super woman who got her undergraduate degree in Wellness and Fitness and a Masters in Performance Enhancement Injury Prevention. Through the progression of her career she broke away from the 9-5 job and ventured into independent coaching and training for the past 12 years. Through her evolution in the health and fitness industry Corinne has refined her approach to how she helps her clients through mind, body and spirit.
Taylor Hill
Digital strategy
Taylor Hill is a former aircraft electronics technician, network andministrator, Ethereum miner, and Web3 Technologist & Consultant. First developing an awareness to Bitcoin in 2011, Taylor is a long term visionary & advocate for the organizational and transformational capabilities of blockchain, decentralized applications and digital identity.
Alex Merricks
Alex Merricks has had a keenly watchful eye on blockchain technology from near its inception. Alex fuses his tremendous knowledge of cryptocurrency tokenomics with a deep understanding of economics and the global banking system. Alex left a professional professional baseball career to focus on building the future of work in 2009. The fusion of Alex's technical and humanities knowledge is a force of nature that breathes life into our future-forward strategy here.
Justin + Tanya Harrison
Farming and Agriculture
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